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May is for Microadventures!

You don't have to spend your life savings & quit your job to climb Everest to have adventure in your life. You can sprinkle it with MICROADVENTURES!

My definition of a microadventure:

  • Low cost / low time commitment

  • Edu-tainment (not only do I have fun, but I learn something too)

  • Opportunity to explore a place I usually only drive by, wouldn’t normally go, or didn't even know about until now

  • Appropriate for all ages so I can invite everyone, even friends who have kids

  • I like my microadventures to include art, nature &/or some random local history

My friend Jonathan Adams ( recently gave a presentation at an Instameet encouraging us all to intentionally get out & take microadventures. Honestly, it was the first time I had heard the term. Immediately my vocabulary expanded to include this terminology to a concept that I had been trying to describe for a while to my friends & family. When I get bored, I go on microadventures. Many times in my adult life I have found ways to string microadventures together into big photography projects (i.e. photographing fountains for my birthday every year). Basically, I have been enjoying microadventures for decades, and now I have a word for it! Wahooooo!

I want to share my newfound vocabulary with everyone! Join me on a microadventure! I will do the research & planning, you show up. Really, I will do all the hard work for you. My goal is to inspire you to get out and explore this amazing world!

  • Stuck in a rut? Join me!

  • Not enough time to figure out the logistics for a microadventure? Join me!

  • Tired of seeing the same places every time you want to get out of the house? Let's explore some off-beat places!

  • Wanted to experience the Curiosity Passport, but didn't know how? I'll explain & help you find your first one!

All details will be here on my events page, but find up-to-the-minute facts on the facebook event postings.

Each of these microadventures will be held in conjunction with a Curiosity Passport location. Curiosity Passports will be available for $5 purchase at each micro-adventure.

Each microadventure will be free, but if you find value in my microadventure tour guide skills, tips are greatly appreciated.

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