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Ink Stamps - An eco-friendly business practice?

Handcarved Stamps - How are they an eco-friendly business practice?

While I have yet to find an eco-friendly stamp carving medium to use in creating your hand carved stamps, the USE of one can become a VERY eco-friendly practice. 1) REPLACE package branding stickers - stickers use adhesives (these chemicals can be harmful) & are definitely a single-use product that usually includes a least a little bit of plastic, depending on the desired longevity of the sticker.

2) REUSE: Able to be reused again & again on a variety of surfaces - You won't have to constantly reorder your marketing & branding materials (printing, shipping, packaging all contribute to the carbon footprint of your business). Use on packaging, impromptu business cards, hand stamps, product branding & labeling, etc.

3) REDUCE or REFURBISH: When ordering a handcarved stamp from me, you have the option to go without a stamp handle/base or get an add-on of a refurbished handle/base that fits your stamp for the long haul. We can even make it so that you could change your stamps out on one single base. Not only are you diverting the base of an unwanted stamp from the landfill, but you are not creating the need for a new product to be produced.

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