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Alexis' Work in the Media:

Custom Made Goods:

Most of my handmade goods are made by upcycling used or damaged materials to give them new life. Because of this, some of my upcycled, handmade goods may be recreated for you. However, that is dependent on the availability of the original materials.

Curiosity Passport Handcarved Stamp
Zine-Style Curiosity Passports
Snowy Woods - Mini-Mosaic
Handmade Paper
Tree - Mosaic
Upcycled Community Rug
Mask - Mosaic
Tinkerbell's Tiki Bar
Crops - Mini-mosaic
Lite Brite Earrings
The Elements - Mini Mosaics
Firestarter necklace
Handmade paper
Pinwheel Fidget Earrings
Upcycled Winter Diorama
Upcycled Gift Card Ring
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