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Unique Eco-Goods

Thank you for caring for the environment! For every unique good that pops into my mind, I want to find ways to reuse, recycle or use eco-friendly materials to make it come to reality. It is how I make art. From wearables to home decor I strive to create unique eco-friendly goods!

Custom Orders

I LOVE creating custom items! If you have any questions about ordering these types of items, please let me know. It makes me happy to create something you really love!

  • Reusing or Recycling Materials:​

    • Paper goods

      • Recycled Paper Stationary 

      • Upcycled Notebooks

      • Book Page Banners & Pinwheels

    • Plastics

      • Mini-Mosaics - upcycled from used gift cards

      • Guitar picks - upcycled from used gift cards

      • Jewelry - upcycled from used gift cards

      • #PreciousPlastics - bowls, coasters, jewelry - made at ScrapsKC

  • Using new materials:

    • Hand Carved Stamps

    • Crowns & Tiaras

Find more out in the wild:

Custom Orders
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