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Broulard School of Magic:

"Legacy of Broulard" zine series


My friend Scott Gipson is an incredibly talented artist in many mediums. Since 2008 he has been using his great grandfather's 100+ year old lathe to shape salvaged local wood into magical wands, under the shop name of GipsonWands. I am honored to play the enthusiastic role of "Wand Shop Girl" anytime GipsonWands has an event booth or table. 

When we are selling wands & other wizarding world related items, we like to cosplay. One of the greatest things about cosplaying in the wizarding world, is that you can either cosplay as a character from that world, OR you can cosplay as yourself inserted into that world. We both choose to cosplay as ourselves in the wizarding world.

While in cosplay, a common get-to-know-you question is, "Which house are you in?" This generally is in reference to the houses of the british Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, & more recently to the houses of the American wizarding school in the Boston area, Ilvermorny. Since Scott & I are cosplaying that we personally are a wizard & witch, we weren't ever really comfortable with our backstories being that our Missourian parents would send us as kids to the east coast for boarding school & it is especially crazy to imagine that either of our parents would have been excited to send either of us to a different continent while in grade school. Scott and I got tired of waiting for a school in the wizarding world to be told about being located in the middle of North America (a much more reasonable distance to send a Missouri kid), and in response to that awkwardness we felt everytime we claimed a Hogwarts or Ilvermorny house...we created Broulard School of Magic!

Read Our Story
As alumni of Broulard, Scott ('98) & I ('97) welcome all magical folk to read our zine series!

Share Your Story

We are fascinated by how interconnected our pasts are with our modern lives. In an effort to continue collecting modern histories of Broulard (& possibly connecting the dots to Broulard's past), please reach out to us if you would like to share memories of your own time at Broulard. 

About "Legacy of Broulard" Zine Series

Three volume wizarding world fanfic zine following the story of Alexis and Scott as they investigate the contents of a mysterious trunk and its missing owner. The story revolves around their alma mater, Broulard School for Magic, that sits on a floating island on the Missouri River and its dark ties in their family histories. This is a great introduction to this wizarding school in the middle of America. Told in letters, photographs, and historical documents.

"Very freakin' genius! I love your story and the way you've told it! Gold star!"


Purchase your own copy of the Legacy of Broulard zine series in the GipsonWands online shop or find us in person at the 2020 Planet Comicon, in Kansas City, MO in April 2021! 

Available individually or as a set of three. Each volume is approximately 16 pages, 6 x 8.5in, hand-bound with thread.

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