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Three volume wizarding world fanfic zine following the story of Alexis and Scott as they investigate the contents of a mysterious trunk and its missing owner. The story revolves around their alma mater, Broulard School for Magic, that sits on a floating island on the Missouri River and its dark ties in their family histories. This is a great introduction to this wizarding school in the middle of America. Told in letters, photographs, and historical documents.

"Very freakin' genius! I love your story and the way you've told it! Gold star!" --Jocelyn

Available individually or as a set of three. Each volume is approximately 16 pages, 6 x 8.5in, hand-bound with thread.


Read more about Broulard School of Magic & the background story of why Scott & I were compelled to share our stories.  Make sure to get your own hand crafted wand before you venture off to your next class at Broulard!

Legacy of Broulard - zine series

  • I love the environment! 

    When available, X37Adventures products will be shipped with minimal packaging, upcycled paper pack padding, and choose reusable or recyclable containers.

    I try hard to make reduce/reuse/recycle a integral part of all of my unique eco-goods through X37Adventures. Please join my efforts in reusing or recycling the packaging when it arrives to you. If you have questions of how to do this, please don't hesitate to contact me. I am always happy to coach anyone wanting to learn more about the 3 Rs!   

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