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Join the adventure with a mini-mosaic!


Handmade from upcycled plastic gift cards, this mini-mosaic is always a hit! Smiles will be made, conversations will begin and everyone around you will be happy as you wow people as they ask, "What is that made of?"  Yes, it really is upcycled plastic gift cards on a slice of wood. 


Your mini-mosaic can be displayed in several ways: as a useful paperweight, or sitting upright on a shelf; or order with a hanger to use hanging on a wall or even as an ornament on the tree. 


To hang your mini-mosaic, make sure select "with hanger" in checkout. The hanger is a tiny eye screw in the very top on the piece with a coordinating string tied through it. 

Please note: each mini-mosaic is handmade from used plastic gift cards. Each one will be one of a kind and beautiful! 


Custom colors & shapes available upon request.

Monogram Mini-Mosaic - upcycled gift cards

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