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6 Daily Steps - Where did they come from?

This Stay At Home Emergency Order is this travel-loving, super-extrovert's worst nightmare. Stay away from friends?! Stay at HOME...during a time of year where I am usually ramping up my traveling!? What!? NO WAY! ...deep breath... I can do this. Wait. How can I do this?!

It started to become apparent that COVID-19 would be thrashing through the USA, I decided I needed something to help me focus on positives. As we heard more about Stay at Home Emergency Orders and full-on lockdowns, I realized I was either going to tear through all the projects I could, then be bored, or I was going to sit on my rump & waste away days, if not weeks or months on...nothing. Neither option sounded appealing to my ADHD brain. I knew I needed to have some sort of plan or game ready to use when I did start to get bored (in my brain, bordem leads to melancholy & sour attitudes).

A few weeks ago, as the major shift started to bear down on us, I began jotting down things that I do regularly that bring me happiness. I mulled it over. Should I do this just for myself & my friends? I might as well put it on my blog. Maybe someone else would like to put it to use.

Last night, when I began typing up my list, it suddenly reminded me of something else. What was it? Hmmmm.... Suddenly, I realized that I had just recreated the Camp Fire Law!

This just goes to show how deeply Camp Fire runs in my blood. I don't think that my mind has sung the Camp Fire Law song for at least a decade or more!

If you find happiness in similar ways to me while we are all dealing with this pandemic, I hope you will join me in taking on the 6 Daily Steps to Be Happy, apparently it is inspired by the Camp Fire Law!


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