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Making It Up As I Go

For some odd reason I want to both be super organized, have a plan, weigh the pros & cons, AND be spontaneous, open to every opportunity, go with the flow. Those things don't always live well together in my life.

Sidewalk Mural on 39th Street, KC, MO winter 2016

They are opposing pressures internally & externally. I have to keep reminding myself that now I am on my own in this business thing, not only do I not have anyone to bounce ideas off, but I also don't need the "ask permission" mindset. I just need to make up something & do that. It is that simple.

I don't have my "brand" solidified. Maybe I won't ever. Maybe I don't care to do it that way. I will just make it up as I go.

Write about a gigantic iron? Cool. Record a podcast about places to go & people to meet? Go get it, girl!

X37Adventures IS an adventure for me. It is a made up conglomeration of things in my mind. I am making all of it just a place for my thoughts & ideas to hang out. I am making up this X37 house as I go.

I hope you like what you see here. Heck, I hope that *I* like what I see here! Will you join me as we make this up as we go?

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