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Roles for Your Curiosity Passport Art Adventure

Helpful Hints for each role


Noun: vivaciousness; liveliness; animation

A-W-E-S-O-M-E! You have that perpetually peppy attitude that we all need in times of struggle. You know just the right moment to pump up the jams (or the jokes) to keep this party rockin'! You have the ability to chat with strangers & help everyone on your team have a good time & get to know each other. 

Your job is the unsung hero of the event. Cheerios are able to pep people up, put a positive spin on the inevitable difficult moments that every team goes through. Without your cheery words, some people will only focus on the work of the moment, they forget to have some fun along the way. Today is a birthday party! It is meant to be F-U-N! Thank you for serving your team in this manner. It makes a huge difference in the enjoyment of the adventure!!!!



an ancient device for measuring time by the regulated flow of water or mercury through a small aperture.

You know how to keep things flowing, moving & focused. Keep this team on the track to arrive at the end point at noon. 

  • Route

    • Every other stop is a letterbox. The others are outposts. 

  • Timing

    • Please try to keep your team rollin’ to the next location. Our goal is to all meet at the end point (essentially, that is stop 6), near noon. If it looks like you might not make it on time, please text Alexis. 

    • A rough estimate of timing (this could change dependent on when we all actually start on the routes from the start point):

      • By 11am you have almost completed stop 3. 

      • 11:30am, you have completed stop 4 & are on your way to stop 5. 

      • noon, you have completed stop 5 & 6 & are on your way to the end point. 

  • Outposts

    • I know this feels like you are the parent of your team, but you might want to remind everyone restrooms are available here 

    • order refreshments ASAP when you arrive so that the staff has time to create your refreshment and not delay your team. 

    • KC has open container laws. Alcoholic drinks may not be open on the streets or streetcar. Alcohol is available to purchase at the after party.


You find a puzzle to be refreshing. There is no problem too difficult for your mega brain! You will be able to get the last say on where that next clue leads. Tally ho!

  • Every other stop is a letterbox. 

  • Find the photo clues to each letterbox here:

  • If needed, click on the “AtlasQuest link” for each letterbox, you will find the street address. 

  • The other stops are “Outposts.” Your team will have to say the secret password to someone there to receive your next clue box. 

  • If you are truly stumped, please contact Alexis.




a historian, especially one appointed to write an official history of a group, period, or institution.

Your photo game is kickin'! You somehow know how to document the whole story as it is all going down. Your role is to document how cool your team is, then rub it in everyone's faces on social media. #CuriosityPassport #X37Adventures


Document. Document. Document! We all are looking forward to seeing your photos & videos for years to come. See something silly? Try to catch it! See some awesome teamwork happening, snap that photo! 



Lewis & Clark needed navigators, your team does too! You know the KC Streetcar route like the back of your hand. You can handle these streets & stops with the greatest of ease. Your team will rely on you to know "the one fountain or landmark" that's being alluded to in the clue.

  • Every other stop is a letterbox. Find the photo clues to each letterbox here:

  • The other stops are “Outposts.” Outposts are businesses or landmarks. 

  • For your eyes only - when safety might be an issue:

    • If someone in your group is getting tired of walking, use this guide to help them decide if they need to take a rest before walking to the next location. 

    • All Outposts are directly on the streetcar route, all but one are right at a stop. 

      • Streetcar stop North River Mkt → Grass Green box = 4 blocks

      • Streetcar stop Library → I Like Big Books box = 3 blocks

      • Streetcar stop Metro Center → Train Above box = 1 block

      • Streetcar stop (North bound) Crossroads or (south bound) Main & 19th → Solar System box = 2 blocks

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