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Business Branding Stamp, Hand Carved (no handle, stamp only)

Stamps are awesome! Now you can order your design or logo in a hand carved stamp! 

Please read the entire listing to be a well educated stamper.

PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE ORDERING YOUR CUSTOM STAMP. I want to ensure you are completely pleased with your final product. 

When you order, please let me know what application you plan to use your stamp in (i.e. wedding invitations, envelopes, event hand stamp, loyalty cards, packaging, bags, etc) so I may ensure you have a size that will best fit your needs.

This listing is for the stamp only, hand carved in Speedball Speedy Cut material. Not sure if your design is stamp ready? Message me! Let's figure it out!

Don't see the size you need? Either order the next size up, or contact me for a custom size quote & listing.

"Squeaky Clean" add-on: Personally, I enjoy the little extra carve lines that are sometimes left behind when stamping with a hand carved stamp. I think that it makes it look more authentic & handmade. This goes with my aesthetic & branding most of the time. However, I understand that might not be your favorite look. If you would like your stamp to NOT show these additional lines in regular use (pressing down very hard almost guarantees that those lines will stamp with your image no matter what - so don't do that if you don't like the carve lines), select the Squeaky Clean add-on. To make a stamp Squeaky Clean, it does take me longer in the clean up phase of carving - thus, the upcharge. 

Production time: custom carves usually take 1-2 weeks production time (depending on how jam packed my schedule is already). 

Rush orders: This listing is NOT for rush orders. Just message me to request a rush custom order. For 30% more, you get to cut in line & your stamp will be hand carved in less than 1 week. Please let me know if you have a specific date you need it by & I can let you know if that is doable.

Tips: Tiny fonts, serifs & tons of details may not be the best for a small stamp, but may take fairly well to the larger sizes. Big, bold design is stupendous for any size stamp!

**NOT Included**: This listing does not include the design of your stamp image, nor a backing/base for your stamp. 

The stamps pictured, are local companies' logos & the Broulard School of Magic crest. The carvings are mine, but the designs are not mine & I cannot sell those designs to you. You are welcome to ask the companies who their designers were. If you are in love with the the Broulard crest like I am, Scott Gipson of Gipson Wands, is that design wizard. He does design custom logos. Let him know that I sent you his way.

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