Custom Bridal Headpieces

Why even do custom products?

Truly, I find joy in working with clients to make custom items. If you have in mind a custom item that fits in one of the general descriptions here, please contact me! We will work together to assess your needs & desires for the item, then I will let you know if I think that I can create what you have in mind. If I can't, hopefully I can recommend someone else. 

Custom is too expensive, right? 

We will work together to ensure your dream item not only becomes reality, but also fits within your budget. I don't believe that there should be a "wedding tax," on items that you will only be wearing for a day or two, just because it is your wedding. However, if you dream of passing down your wedding accessories to your future generations, you will want to seek out custom artists who create heirloom quality accessories. I have several to recommend. 

I have some funky taste in style. Nothing on the market seems to be just right for me.

Welcome to my world, friend! That right there is the motivating factor to custom make things for myself. If you can't find just the right details or want something truly as unique as YOU, then let's start talking! 

Custom Made Eco-Goods:

Most of my handmade goods are made by upcycling used or refurbishing damaged materials to give them new life. Because of this, some of my upcycled, handmade goods may be recreated for you. However, that is dependent on the availability of the original materials. Let me know if you are interested in eco-friendly options for your bridal accessories. 


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