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Custom Activity Books & Coloring Pages


X37Adventures Custom Activity Books & Coloring Pages are hand drawn by me, an artist who has been in your shoes, helped campers through home-sickness, talked climbers through the tough moves, and made memories lighting the campfire. My goal is to pour my love of outdoor experiential programs into my art, creating something that benefits my beloved industry. The custom images in this project will come directly from photos of YOUR site, converted into a hand drawn (not just digitally manipulated) coloring pages. Memories of that location will be stirred up when your supporters are coloring the images. Additionally, hand drawn coloring pages with more general scenes from my travels to different facilities and camps all over America, are options for inclusion in your activity book. 


​My plan is three-fold:

  • Benefit to Outdoor Experiential Programs: 

    • Provide a unique product, custom made of images from YOUR site.

    • This product can be enjoyed by:

      • your participants on-site, when printed in-house 

      • your supporters - as a digital download or as a tangible product

    • Provide a unique product that can be used as

      • a marketing tool in numerous ways

      • a financially viable product to sell as a digital download or as a tangible product​​

  • Benefit to X37Adventures, Alexis: 

    • By placing this commission of art, you will be supporting me, your colleague

      • financially - real talk - all of my income for 2020 was set to be from group gatherings. My usual contribution to our household budget isn't huge, but it does help us pay our bills. I don't have any grandiose goals for my financial gain with this project, but it would be nice to be able to pay a bill or two with it.

      • emotionally - plain & simple, the pandemic has been rough for everyone. By hiring me to create this unique custom artwork, I will feel more fulfilled by using my unique skill set to support the outdoor experiential world.

Lone Hiker


As you can see in the sample, my artwork style is more akin to the popular adult coloring books. The Activity Books can be appropriate for pre-teens, teens, families, CITs, and staff use. Camp alumni, past participants will feel nostalgic when coloring the scenes of familiar locations, where memories were made. 


Once created, you will have the option to purchase the full rights to the image/document, it can be owned by the organization. You are welcome to use your Activity Book in whatever manner will benefit your organization best. Here are a few suggestions that might spark an idea that works for you:
If you are unable to host participants/campers in 2020: 

  • Print-at-Home Activity Book Fundraiser 

  • An Activity Book to remind campers of fond camp memories & more memories to come

If you are able to host participants/campers in 2020:

  • Marketing tool - free download, when they register for your program

  • Included in a welcome packet - print them in-house & hand them out to participants during arrival. Help build the excitement!

  • Included in a Care Packet for parents to "send" to their campers

PRIORITY: To help ensure I get all of my orders completed in a timely manner, I have instituted a priority plan. Priority will be given to any outdoor organizations that (for the 2020 season) have to cancel 50%-100% of  previously planned programming, have to cut capacity to 50% or less, or are facing the possibility of closing the gates permanently.  

Dear Outdoor Colleagues, 

Outdoor Recreation & Experiential Education are in my soul! With nearly 25 years of experience in outdoor recreation, I know first hand how hard it is to keep a camp & challenge course afloat in a normal year, let alone during a pandemic. My desire is to use my unique skill set to help support you during this tough time.

Even if you just need an educated third-party sounding board, please reach out to me. 

Stay safe, healthy & searching for great art & adventure!


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