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Curiosity Passport

Art Adventure

Collect stamps in your passport.

Have fun.

Make friends.

Explore downtown KC.

Be there or be square.

Saturday, Aug 17, 2019, 11:00 am | Vision Fountain, KC, MO

What is the Curiosity Passport Art Adventure?

The Curiosity Passport Art Adventure is a 2-3 Hour long hunt to find & collect stamps in your passport, explore the area & make some new friends.  You and your team will explore the downtown KCMO area, decoding clues, collecting stamps in your passports and completing ridiculous tasks. Thanks for bringing the fun!!!!!

The schedule:

10:00-10:15 - Everyone arrives at the Vision Fountain. Here is a direct link to google maps for the start point: Detailed adventure information will be distributed there.

10:15-10:30 - Everyone forms teams. Team sizes will be 5-8 people. No exceptions. You can bring a pre-made crew, but making new friends is highly encouraged too.

10:30 - The Pre-Adventure ceremony

10:35 - The Art Adventure begins!!!!!!!!!

10:35-12:00 - You and your team will find the art waiting for you along the streetcar route. They'll help you find the end point. 

12:00-2:00 - Teams locate the final stop in the adventure and join the After Party! Games, friends and fun! The party continues! (You can order food & drinks at the end point, however, your cover charge will be...ummm...covered, by the birthday girl.)

What to bring:

  • Adventurous, fun, friendly attitude! - There are a lot of people who are coming alone. Make a new friend, have some fun, enjoy exploring. Bad attitudes can bring a whole team down. Don't be that kid. 

  • Mobile device with internet access (if you have one) - at least one person on your team will need to have internet access on a mobile device with an apps like Google Maps & Chrome. 

  • Walking shoes - You will do some walking on this adventure. Prepare your little feet so that your dogs won't be barkin' too early. 

  • Money for your own lunch & drinks - There are lots of great food establishments along the streetcar route. We happen to be ending at a place with food & drinks. 

  • Reusable water bottle, sunscreen & bug repellent - There will be a bunch of places that you can grab a drink along the route, but if you want to be proactive, bring your own bottle. Also you will be walking around outside, protect your skin. Wear sunscreen please. Just do it. 

  • Letterboxing kit (if you have one) - If you are already a letterboxer, bring that kit! We are going to find some letterboxes, you might as well bring your own. If you already have a Curiosity Passport, bring that too. 


  • Make new friends, and keep the old - Be friendly and inviting! There will be people who don’t know each other & people who came alone. As an adult, it’s way harder to meet new people for some reason, but here’s your chance! MEET SOMEONE NEW! YAY!

  • Streetcar - This adventure is designed specifically around the KC Streetcar route (it is FREE!). If you haven't ever used the KC Streetcar, you might want to check out this page to answer any questions you might have about it. It is super fun to ride, especially with friends! Please note: no nudity is allowed on the KC, kick that out of your adventure plans right now!

  • Parking - Saturday morning parking in the River Market area can be tricky. We have the parking situation solved! The owners of Pawn & Pint have graciously allowed us to park in their lot! The lot is directly across the street from the Pawn & Pint front door, 613 Walnut. It is just a little 2 min walk to the North Loop Streetcar stop.

Wait...we need a Passport?! 

Well, yes. Not the international travel kind of passport, but we will be hunting for the letterboxes within the Curiosity Passport project (Alexis is the creator of that). At each location, the clues will lead you to a letterbox (it is an altoids tin). Inside that letterbox, is a logbook & a hand-carved stamp that represents the area. Each team member may stamp that image on the appropriate page in their Curiosity Passport. 

Look...You don't have to collect stamps in your passport if you don't want. Just participating in this awesomely fun experience is enough. HOWEVER, all the cool kids are doing it! If you want a passport & don't have one already, just let Alexis know. She will make enough (yes, they are handmade) for the all of you party people! 


  • What is letterboxing? It is similar to geocaching, but with an art twist. Clues will lead you to a hidden-in-public container (these all happen to be in Altoids tins). Inside each letterbox there is a logbook & a hand carved stamp that represents the area. As a letterboxer, when you find one, you are to stamp your "signature stamp" in the box's logbook & stamp the box's stamp in your own logbook.

  • How will we do letterboxing as a team?! For the Curiosity Passport Art Adventure, your team will find the letterboxes, use a team stamp (provided by Alexis) to stamp into the box's logbook & every team member may use the box's stamp in their own individual Passport.  

  • What if I arrive late? Please try not to arrive late - we will be making teams at the very beginning. If you must arrive late, please contact Alexis ASAP so that she can assign you to a team & coordinate where you should meet your team. OR you can join us at the end point for the after party noon-2pm! 

  • What if I need to leave before noon? If you already know you can't stay for the whole event, please let Alexis know ASAP. If you have to leave suddenly, please also let her know just so she doesn't worry about you.

  • Cost? Is there a fee to participate? The only cost is $5 for your own Curiosity Passport! There is no other participation fee, though. Alexis decided she didn't want anyone to feel like they couldn't participate if they couldn't afford it. If you would like to financially support Alexis' business (yes, this is a test run for offering this service as a part of X37Adventures), you would be the bomb diggity. 

    • The only hard cost of this event for participants is for any ​drinks or food you would like to purchase along the way or during the after party. Alexis has taken care of the rest for you. 
  • Where is the end point? That won't be published here, but you may ask Alexis directly.

  • Why the heck is Alexis doing this whole thing? She has created the Curiosity Passport over the past year & a half. From the very beginning of this project, she wanted to host a big group event with it! Please let her know your thoughts on it so that she can make it the best ever! 

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