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[verb ree-boot; noun ree-boot, ree-boot]

verb (used with object)

To make a change in (something) in order to establish a new beginning.

If you have been wondering:

  1. Where have you been?

  2. Why did you stop posting about More Than The Middle Podcast ?

  3. Why did you stop making episodes of Everyday Adventures Podcast?

  4. Why haven't you made any more videos?

Well, honestly, 2017 was a weird year for me. Several people that I thought were going to work on BIG projects with me just kind of...well...from my perspective, they just floated away. I felt like I was broken glass, just swept away & out of their minds. It has taken me several months to re-calibrate my thinking, now that I am working as a sole creator. I haven't given up on any of the projects we were going to tackle together. Instead, I have decided to "reboot" them.

I hereby declare that March 1, 2018 is a new beginning, a reboot, for Alexis Webb Bechtold & all of her projects.

Please don't hesitate to ask me the questions you have been thinking. Ren, from Stitch'n Travel, was so kind when she told me that she had been concerned that I hadn't posted any creations lately. She was right to be concerned. I have had a rough time of this transition. However, I have found that talking to friends (including new friends) & seeing a therapist has been helping. Ren voicing her concern for me made me feel seen, remembered & worthy of my creativity again. Thank you to everyone who has checked on me.

Now, let's get this reboot going!

Short answers to the questions above:

1. Hiding, feeling embarrassment for not completing my projects, re-calibrating, making new friends, making new plans. Oh, & throw a trip to Texas & a few trips to Springfield, MO in there too.

2. I tried to create MTTM in a different technique that I was going to learn from a producer. That didn't work out. I felt ashamed that it wasn't working out the way I planned. Embarrassed, I just stopped posting. Going forward, I will finish up posting photos from our trip, then move on to actually making MTTM a reality.

3. Life got to be too busy for my co-host, Amy, to continue on with me. I tried to create some episodes alone...but I simply didn't like the outcome. I assessed my own listening habits & found that one-person shows aren't really what I listen to anyway (except Creative Pep Talk & Lore). So, I sought out a new co-host & we will be rebooting EA in March or April.

4. I actually have made more videos. After completing my Year of Creative Habits, I knew that I wanted to create videos a little differently. My friend, Traci Angel, & I have been giving multi-media presentations at the Mid-Continent Public Libraries. You can watch our adventures as we explore Off-the-Beaten Path KC & Haunted KC locations! This year, I plan to add more to my YouTube channel. Please subscribe & share!

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