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2018 Year of Creative Habits

Kaw Point at sunrise, KC, KS, 2017

Welcome, all! Welcome to 2018! I will be your tour guide, Alexis. Here, we will be exploring the joy of adventure & art. Yes, I realize those are two usually divergent topics. However, being both an adventurer AND an artist, I am constantly seeing the intersection of the two. Both take creativity. They both take a bunch of other intersecting skills/thoughts/philosophies, but this post is about creativity. there.

In 2016 I participated in my first Year of Creative Habits. 2017 I stepped away from that, and truly missed the challenge & the structure. Thus, I am stepping up to the block again in 2018.

PUBLIC DECLARATIONS (hopefully, I can remember to refer back to this):

  1. My goal right now is simply create something every single day. Yes, I realize that is an incredibly open goal. If the openness of it bites me in the butt, I declare that I will adjust the goal to give me more structure.

  2. Excuses that are not acceptable: ​

  • I have a headache. - I am a migraine girl. They happen. Sometimes I can fight them off, sometimes I can't. However, this is not an excuse to not complete a creative task every single day. In 2016, I even posted a mid-migraine video. If I can do that, I can figure out SOMETHING to do even if I have a migraine.

  • I didn't have time. - 1st, then I should have planned out my day better. 2nd, the truth here would be that I procrastinated all the way to midnight. Not acceptable.

  • Too many ideas floating around in my brain. - Pick just one out of that swimming pool of ideas & DO IT! The goal does not specify that the creative task must be done well, or even done to completion...just that I jump into the creative swimming pool & do something.

  • Life got in the way. - Yup. It happens. Still not an excuse to not even splash around in the creative swimming pool. Just do one little creative thing on those days.

  • I feel too lonely. - I am a super-extrovert. My energy comes from being around other people. It is true. Sometimes loneliness also stamps out my creative energy. It sucks. However, not being creative at all sucks more. OR go find someone to hang out with! Do it now!

  • I am embarrassed that I [insert a silly reason that makes me feel embarrassed]. - Embarrassment sucks too. Be real. Own it. Face it. Go with it. Whatever it takes, just do something to move pass it, so that I can keep growing as an adventurer & artist!

If you want to join me in the swimming pool creativity or just want to help support me, please let me know (remember, I am an extrovert. I LOVE to interact with all people!)!

Ok. The time has come to declare (I like these declarations! They are fun!) That day number 1 is complete!

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