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Everyday Adventures Podcast: Ep 9 - #NoPlaceLikeKS Instameet

Holy podcasts, Batman! We are already on Ep 9?!

On April 15, 2017, Amy & I were invited to a state-wide instameet hosted by in the adorable town of Lindsborg, KS. We requested the freedom to also record for the podcast...for you! We think each of our guests give us a unique perspective of why #NoPlaceLikeKS is a really fitting hashtag for the whole state!

On a side note, as this was our first time recording on the road, we learned a lot of what not to do. Please bear with our somewhat lower quality audio than what you usually hear from us. Sometimes you just have to live & learn, right?!

The podcast is available through your podcast listening app of choice or by simply following this link:

Thank you for listening & sharing our Kansas guests with other podcast listeners.

If you would like more information about Kansas Tourism, check out Tweet us how many items you can check off of the KS bucket list! Can you beat my 5?...well now 7 out of 70? I bet that when Little Jerusalem is opened to the public, the bucket list will be updated. What is on your Kansas bucket list?

Pick up the April issue of National Geographic to view Jim Richardson’s photographic story, “What Will Become of Scotland’s Moors?,” his website, or just take that classic American road trip & visit Jim at his delightful gallery, Small Worlds, in Lindsborg, KS.

Remember, if you post about the awesomeness of Kansas, make sure to use the hashtag #NoPlaceLikeKS .

Thank you again, to ALL of our guests!! You are right, there really is no place like Kansas!

As always, thank you to the Doctor, Dr. Trey Bechtold, for producing our theme music.

Remember, art & adventure are everywhere, go find yours!’

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