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Hashtag Madness

I always love the start of new things, the start is full of hope, ideas, and excitement. at the start you can let your imagination run wild (this can be bad, if you get sucked into the ‘what might go wrong’ train of thought) and dream of all the things you want to do, which is why I love our #FutureFridays tag. it's the chance to share all the things that excite us and keep us dreaming.

this week we rolled out our newest idea, a themed post each day, outside of our normal spontaneous posts.

We started this as a way to get us to post regularly, and our biggest problems is figuring out what to post about. so this gives us a theme to work within and then we can be inspired and imaginative within that category. If you missed our FB, Twitter, tumblr, and instagram posts about these themed days here they are all in one spot.

all about things made by either Alexis or myself (Amy), we are hoping this will help us promote what we make, cause sometimes we suck at showing off what we made. we will also post other people's works that tag a picture with made on monday and x37adventures. so if you want us to share with our followers then tag us!

since Alexis and I are running this business from two different continents and we travel a lot, we figured it's about time to share our travel adventures and some tips we picked up along the way. tuesdays will usually feature London based travel tips (including europe) that I have picked up, while living in the UK.

this is our fun random category. if we find something that is a bit unusual we will post it on wednesday. the thing can be just one, or all three, or just two. if you post something that you think fits any or all of those then tag the pic with weridwackywonderful and x37adventures. if there is no pic, then post the link to whatever it is on our facebook wall!

this is the States side of the travel tips. Alexis gets to travel for one of her jobs a lot, so she gets to see a lot of the country. so on thursday she will share her advice. if you have any travel tips, or maybe a cool place in the states to see then tag us or comment on a post (same goes for Europe and London travel places for me) We both love to hear from you and go on new adventures!

We couldn't get down to one topic for friday so we settled for two. option numero one, is FOOD! cause who doesn't love food? I mean come on. plus we live in two very foodie places. KC has some of the best BBQ in the Country (yeah we hear you texas,... shut up;) and London has an amazing collection of foods and cultures so there will be lots to post about. plus with all the places we have been, we have eaten some great and unique eats.

this is option two! we will occasionally post about things we are excited for in our future. its that simple. It might be an upcoming show we are in, new changes happening with x37, or trips we are taking. or perhaps we will use it to tell you about our dreams.

so that’s whats new this week for X37, we will be doing little wrap ups on the blog each week, next week Lex will let you know what we got up too! leave us a comment about anything, and be sure to head over to youtube to watch our videos that we have posted during the week.


Amy Lu

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