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A Year of Creative Habits - Day 3

Procrastination is my go-to way of completing things. That is one of the many reasons I am taking on the Year of Creative Habits challenge.

To go along with my love of procrastination, I also am prone to wallowing in the decision of buying things. I have once again done this with buying new video editing software.

Do I want it? Yes.

Have I outgrown the free software that came with my computer? Yes.

Do I need it? least that is what my penny-pinching mind would like to tell me.

Alas, my computer has put its proverbial foot down & is demanding that I do what I actually need to do anyway to grow as an artist, YouTuber & business owner - plop down that $$$ & buy the darn software!

Indeed, I have known that this would be bought at some point in the near future, but I dislike spending money! The need is real. The time has come. Tomorrow morning I will make my trek to the store (that makes it sound more dramatic, when in reality the store is only 5 blocks away) and give them my money. All of this is so that I can continue to make fun videos, create awesome works of art with my photography & face this Year of Creative Habits challenge head on!

Ok...look out comes the new & improved Lex-the-video-editor! Well, after I learn how to use the new software.


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