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A Year of Creative Habits - Prep

A new year = a new adventure!

In Nov 2015, while showing at The Hip Handmade Market, I met Crystal Moody. Her dog portraits drew me in. We chatted. She was excited to hear me ramble about the Fountains Project & how one little idea snowballed into life changing projects. She too had taken on big projects for the last two years (A Year of Creative Habits). A few weeks later, she posted that she would be sharing her experience with a community of interested creatives.

The idea of joining a community of creatives that are all working on building up creative habits in their lives seemed like a great fit for me...then it began. Don't get me wrong, it is still a really good fit for me, BUT I am a bit overwhelmed by the enormity of the project (I have decided on posting at least one video per week). Fortunately I have a few good motivators for achieving the goals:

1) Amy has committed to posting a video each week as well. She will most likely post on Thursday or Friday. I will post on Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

2) I have allowed this to be a bit of a game - mild punishments may be doled out if I fail to post by the end of the day Monday, big punishments will be given if I do not post by the end of the day Tuesday.

3) This will help Amy & I keep each other, as well as friends & family, up to date on our adventures while on different continents. Yay!

4) It will push us to keep growing X37Adventures to new levels! We have lots of dreams to share with you through X37...but they won't happen without building up good creative habits.

I am honestly super excited about this next step in my creative life, while also being terrified of my procrastination habits. Crystal is doing a mighty fine job setting us up for success - leading us through several assignments to plan, schedule & prepare for emergencies.

Good pep talks will be a high need for me. Sometimes a humorous pep talk from Joey McIntyre is just what you need (Yes, I am a lifetime member of the Joey Mac club!):

Without further hesitation...let's get this!


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