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Join us to make a rug!

X37Adventures is inviting YOU to the Harvest Jam & Birthday Bash at Morning Day Cafe! Morning Day Cafe is one year old & it is time to celebrate!

Become an art adventurer:

Art fundraiser - In celebration of MDC & the amazing farmers that provide the food at the cafe, we were commissioned to do a photography series, "The Farmer's Hands." These celebratory photographs look amazing. 100% of the proceeds of the artwork sold will go to Cultivate KC's Beans & Greens Program. Buy it and know that you are helping support an awesome urban farming culture!

Make a rug - it is easy (we will show you how)! It is eco-friendly! It is fun! When finished, it will live in a Kindergarten classroom. YAY!!! Here are the quick instructions you need right now:

1) Bring a t-shirt. Any t-shirt will work, especially the lonely ones that you shrunk in the dryer or the ones that the dog chewed. Those are great ones to add to a rug!

2) Add it to the rug. We will provide scissors & instructions to make it into strips...then, magically, it becomes part of this communal art project!

3) Happy dance on the rug! You might want to practice your happy dance, just in case we include it in our video.

4) Watch the time lapse on ! This whole idea started with The Art Assignment. They hosted a rug-making area at VidCon. We participated. We had fun! We even appeared in the next Art Assignment video. We were inspiried! Thus, we are participating in the Assignment by adding the creation of this community rug to our channel.

The downside to making a community rug is...what do you do with it after it is complete!? My apartment doesn't need a rug. Amy is moving to the other side of the earth in less than a month. She probably doesn't need to tote a 8'-10' rug with her. Where should it live? While contemplating this question, I saw a post on a facebook swap page by a teacher, Jolaina Kirn, needing a rug for her classroom. I contacted her, thinking that she probably wouldn't want it...but she LOVES our idea!!!! And just like that, this art adventure is extended to a Kindergarten class! It makes my art adventure lovin' heart beat fast!

We hope to see so many of our friends & I am certain we will make more friends that night too!

See you Saturday!!!!


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