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Welcome to Blog Town

We are an LLC! We can't stop giggling with excitement! We own our own business! We feel so official and all kinds of grown up (which is very strange for Alexis, who has a HUGE Peter Pan Complex). We still have a long way to go before our first sale as a company, but so far so good. We have our licenses, a bank account, an EIN number, our website is being overhauled!

We are looking forward to stocking our shop with lots of goodies and are dreaming up ways to help you find your own adventure every day. Stay tuned, come back often (because we love you, dear, internet person) and when we open up, go bananas! JK, but when we open our (internet) doors, please share with family and friends and even strangers, if you are so inclined. We are happy to have you visit our little slice of cyber space any time.

Let us know what you love, what could be better, and any ideas for what we can make in the future.

Until then, happy cyber surfing

The A-Team

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