ANNOUNCEMENT about X37 & Etsy

Due to the recent changes in the business and marketing model of Etsy, I am choosing to walk away from Etsy for now. There are still several options to find my upcycled earrings in several stores around the KC area:

National Toy and Miniatures Museum's gift shop 

Iron District's Boheme

coming soon ... Green Utopia 

or contact me for custom made goods or other items you see posted through social media. 

Unique Eco-Goods for YOU!

Thank you for caring for the environment! For every unique good that pops into my mind, I want to find ways to reuse, recycle or use eco-friendly materials to make it come to reality. It is how I make art. From wearables to home decor I strive to create unique eco-friendly goods!

Custom Orders

I LOVE creating custom items! If you have any questions about ordering these types of items, please let me know. It makes me happy to create something you really love!

  • Reusing or Recycling Materials:‚Äč

    • Paper goods

      • Recycled Paper Stationary 

      • Upcycled Notebooks

      • Book Page Banners

    • Plastics

      • Mini-Mosaics - upcycled from used gift cards

      • Guitar picks - upcycled from used gift cards

      • Jewelry from used gift cards

      • #Precious Plastics - bowls, coasters, jewelry

  • Using new materials:

    • Hand Carved Stamps

    • Crowns & Tiaras

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