Making It Up As I Go

For some odd reason I want to both be super organized, have a plan, weigh the pros & cons, AND be spontaneous, open to every opportunity, go with the flow. Those things don't always live well together in my life. They are opposing pressures internally & externally. I have to keep reminding myself that now I am on my own in this business thing, not only do I not have anyone to bounce ideas off, but I also don't need the "ask permission" mindset. I just need to make up something & do that. It is that simple. I don't have my "brand" solidified. Maybe I won't ever. Maybe I don't care to do it that way. I will just make it up as I go. Write about a gigantic iron? Cool. Record a podcast about plac

2018 Year of Creative Habits

Welcome, all! Welcome to 2018! I will be your tour guide, Alexis. Here, we will be exploring the joy of adventure & art. Yes, I realize those are two usually divergent topics. However, being both an adventurer AND an artist, I am constantly seeing the intersection of the two. Both take creativity. They both take a bunch of other intersecting skills/thoughts/philosophies, but this post is about creativity. there. In 2016 I participated in my first Year of Creative Habits. 2017 I stepped away from that, and truly missed the challenge & the structure. Thus, I am stepping up to the block again in 2018. PUBLIC DECLARATIONS (hopefully, I can remember to refer back to this): My goal right now

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