August 18, 2019

50 years ago today, this natural amphitheater farmland turned into one of the most historic concert events ever.

My Dad loved listening to the Woodstock recording. I grew up on it. He taught me to love it. However, I haven't ever been able to identify why that event was so cool. Why did it hold everyone's attention? Why was my dad so enamored by it? Why didn't he just attend, if he loved the music so much? 

In June, I had trainings at camps in the area & had...

You don't have to spend your life savings & quit your job to climb Everest to have adventure in your life. You can sprinkle it with MICROADVENTURES! 

My definition of a microadventure:

  • Low cost / low time commitment

  • Edu-tainment (not only do I have fun, but I learn something too)

  • Opportunity to explore a place I usually only drive by, wouldn’t normally go, or didn't even know about until now

  • Appropriate for all ages so I can invite everyone...

December 6, 2018

Today, I wear my "I hate cancer." shirt because ten years ago I joined a club that I didn't sign up for. Ten years ago my Dad died from melanoma.

Today, I will be brave. I will walk out of my apartment wearing a shirt that beacons strangers to walk by me & make it known that they too are in this shitty club. 

Today, I will get walk-by comments. I sometimes forget that I am wearing this shirt in public. A stranger will walk-by and say, "I do too!" I will be co...

July 20, 2018

Yes, I waited to post this on a day when we were having severe weather. I am that person who gets a kick out of the moment when "Blame it on the Rain" plays just as the sprinkles begin, or when the lightning flashes and "The Thunder Rolls" starts playing. I love those kind of moments! 

To create The KC Curiosity Passport, I have to go scout out locations to place the letterboxes that correspond with my mini-mosaics. Today, I happened to arrive at the public...

June 19, 2018

A monument to helium? Oh Dearest, the Helium Time Columns are so much more!

I have so many close friends (or family of friends) who are in life-threatening medical situations right now. 5 cancer related, 2 genetic disorders - 1 waiting for a transplant, 1 just received a transplant. You know my thoughts on cancer. My hatred continues. However, this is the first time I have come face-to-face with the juxtaposition of transplant prayers. We pray for organs to be available before it is too late for my loved one...which means it IS too...

April 29, 2018

"Why are you so vocal about the Oklahoma teacher walkout?" has been asked of me multiple times in the last 2 weeks. You are right, on the surface, it may seem a little strange that a Missouri-girl, non-teacher, would be so vocal about the walkout in Oklahoma. However, my husband & I were some of the first to "walkout" on Oklahoma schools. In the Spring of 2003, my husband was finishing up his undergrad degrees at Oklahoma State University (I had already gra...